Here's my little collection of links for my new bike. :-D I just wanted one central place to go for my own reference.
Clicking on a link "should" open a new link. This started out small, but as it grew, I thought some other peeps might
get some level of usefulness. Who knows? Maybe not! Hope you can find something useful here.
It's not very pretty, but pretty functional.
One day I hope to make it look nice.

Here's a pic for your (and my) enjoyment of what my bike looks like:

2000 Lucifer Orange Triumph Sprint RS

There are some really great Triumph user sites and forums out there. Thanks to all the participants for all the knowledge
I've picked up! I've tried to give credit due where applicable. Please let me know if I missed something.
It certainly wasn't my intent.

Although lots of information exists, the one thing I thought was missing was what I am going to attempt to put together
at a new site to be announced soon. That being, some pretty detailed How-To guides with both text and pics. Initially,
I was going to concentrate on my model, but realized I could give back more to the community by hosting the site for all
Triumphs. To be announced soon!

Official Triumph Site

Official Triumph Site - *New 5/06*

Prices on the 2000 Triumph RS

KBB Retail Value for 2000 Sprint RS - *New 5/06*
KBB Trade-In Value for 2000 Sprint RS - *New 5/06*
Main KBB Motorcycle price selection page - *New 5/06*

Reviews of the 2000 Triumph Sprint RS

Online: Review - *New 5/06*
PowerSportsNetwork - *New 5/06*
Ianchadwick Review - *New 5/06*
Motorsports-network - *New 5/06*
End User review - *New 5/06*
Actually a review of the ST, but close enough! - *New 5/06* Combination PDF File - 6 articles, 29 pages - *New 5/06*
Popular Mechanics - They mention the Sprint RS engine on the second page! - *New 5/06*
- *New 5/06*
Popular Mechanics Cruise Missle Article - Actually compares a Sprint ST from 2001 - *New 5/06* Review - *New 5/06*

Cycle World -- July 2000 -- Three for the Road
Rider -- February 2000 -- The 2000 Triumph Sprint RS - Less is More
Motorcyclist -- June 2000

Press Releases - Not quite reviews and other tidbits on the web

List of reviews - *New 5/06*
DropBears - *New 5/06*
Recalls! - *New 5/06*
Hermys! - *New 5/06*
UKBike Review - *New 4/06*
Motorcyclespecs RS 2000 Specs - *New 5/06* Spec Sheet - *New 5/06*
Powersport User Reports on 2000 RS - *New 5/06* User reviews - *New 5/06* Snapshot - *New 5/06* User Reviews - *New 5/06* Review - *New 5/06*
RideTeamTriumph 2001 RS Specs - *New 5/06*
- *New 5/06*
- *New 5/06*

Cool Forums/Reference Sites

Triumph Specific - *New 5/06*
Royal Rat Pack - *New 5/06*
The Triple Connection - *New 5/06*
Home of the World Famous Triumph Sprint ST/RS Website - *New 5/06* - *New 5/06* - *New 6/06*
Cowin-Tech - Much of this site doesnt work - *New 5/06*
All the Yahoo Triumph Groups - *New 5/06*
The history of Triumph Motorcycles - *New 5/06*
Official Triumph R.A.T. Login - *New 5/06*
PhillyRiverRATs ∑ Triumph Riders - *New 5/06*
Mikihito Tanaka's VIN number Reference Chart - *New 5/06*
Google translation of Mikihito Tanaka's Japanese VIN number Reference Chart - *New 5/06*
I also went ahead and archived a copy of the translated version. When I tried to go to the home page of this site, an internal error came up, so I grabbed a copy just in case. Also, in case the google translation goes away. See my archive here - *New 5/06*

Not Triumph Specific - *New 6/06* - *New 6/06*
motorcycle links directory that brings it all together! Motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, motorcycling events, motorcycle tours... you name it, it's here! - *New 5/06* Motorcycle Yellow Pages - *New 5/06*
Ronnie Cramer's MOTORCYCLE WEB INDEX - *New 5/06*

Local Philly Riding

philadelphiariders - *New 5/06*
PhillyRiverRATS - *New 5/06*
MC Diner Breakfast Club in Philly - *New 5/06*

Non-Local Riding

THE Motorcycle Travel Site - *New 6/06*
Motorcycle tours and rental in England, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man TT races, plus biking vacations to France, Spain, and Thailand. - *New 6/06*

Performance Parts & Accessories for the 2000 Triumph Sprint RS

OEM Triumph Parts

Although I personally recommend supporting your local dealer whenever possible, I have found these sites that sell over the web: - If you know the part #, or can get it, they definintely offer some type of discount. Not sure how the shipping is. - *New 5/06* - Many acccessories- *New 5/06*
greatbay - *New 5/06*
RideTeamTriumph - Metal Fuel Fittings and OEM Triumph parts and accessories - *New 5/06*
RideNow parts request form - *New 5/06*
- *New 8/06*

Specific to the RS

Galfer Stainless Steel Brake Lines - *New 5/06*
Convertibar Adjustable Handlebar System - *New 5/06*
British/Triumph stuff - *New 5/06*
SkyKing Products - All types of stuff - *New 5/06*
Radiator Protector - *New 5/06* Sprint RS & ST parts - *New 5/06*
Jack Lilley Accessories - *New 5/06*
Triumph eStore - *New 5/06*
Corbin Seat - *New 5/06*
Sargent Seat - *New 5/06*
Sargent Seat at a $30 discount - *New 5/06*
BritishPartsChicago - *New 5/06*
GDL Cycles Parts - *New 5/06*
Micapeak Parts Triumph Vendors List - *New 5/06*
Union-jack & Carbon fiber look gas-cap decal - *New 5/06*
RKA Tankbags - *New 5/06*
Gen-Mar Mfg bar raises - *New 5/06*
gen-mar bar raises purchase - *New 5/06*
Colored nuts, etc - *New 5/06*
Ventura Accessories For me - the Light Guards - *New 5/06*
Best Price on Ventura Light Guards - *New 5/06*
Two Bros exhaust systems This is what's on my bike! - *New 5/06*
Carbon Fiber from Australila - *New 5/06*
GDL Cycles RS Parts - *New 5/06*
Turbo Kits! - *New 5/06*
GIVI Hard luggage - *New 5/06*
ITG Air Filter - *New 5/06*
Triumph Microfiche Cards - *New 5/06*

Tankslapper Paint protection- *New 5/06*
Powerbronze (WindScreen & Hugger) - *New 5/06*
Heli Bars - The ST ones work on the RS per Heli support - *New 5/06*
British-Customs Parts - *New 5/06*
Dennis Kirk Specific Parts List for 2000 Sprint RS - *New 6/06*
RaceTech parts for 99-01 Sprint ST (they didn't list the RS, so...) - *New 6/06*
Mikihito Tanaka's list that cross-references various manufacturers' brake pads to the original Triumph part numbers for most
Hinckley Triumphs; in Japanese, but the part numbers and references are in English - *New 5/06*
Google translation of above Japanese Brake Pad Reference Chart - *New 5/06*
I also went ahead and archived a copy of the translated version. When I tried to go to the home page of this site,
an internal error came up, so I grabbed a copy just in case. Also, in case the google translation goes away.
See my archive here - *New 5/06*
Additionally, I created a table at the bottom of this page with the part #'s.

Kind of Triumph Specific:
Honda VFR 750 94-97 Y2K Honda OEM mirrors - *New 5/06*
For conversion to better mirrors!!!
More info on the mirror installs:
Link 1 - *New 8/06*
Link 2 - *New 8/06*


Cee Bailey's Windscreens - *New 5/06*
Zero Gravity Windscreens - *New 5/06*
Givi Windscreen - *New 5/06*
Buy the Givi Windscreen at a discount from - *New 5/06*
MRA's Windscreens - Navigate to the Triumph Sprint RS from this link - *New 5/06*
Laminar Lip - Looks interesting!- *New 8/06*


CanyonChaser's Continental road attack's Review - *New 5/06*
CanyonChaser's Metzeler Z6 review - *New 5/06*
CanyonChaser's Michelin Pilot roads review - *New 5/06*
Continental road attack's - *New 5/06*
A cheap place I've found to buy Continental road attack's - *New 5/06*
One place to buy Continental road attack's - *New 5/06*
Southwest Moto Tires sells tires at pretty big discounts and offers free shipping if you buy a pair; they get very good ratings from wBW visitors - *New 5/06*

Parts Reviews - *New 5/06* Reviews - *New 5/06* Triumph Page - *New 5/06*
Motorcyclist Magazine Helmet Review - *New 5/06* Reviews - *New 5/06* Product Review Archive - *New 6/06*

Not Triumph Specific Parts

Kontour Custom seating - *New 8/06*
List of Parts Vendors - *New 5/06*
CrampBuster Cruiser Throttlestop - Pretty Ingenious! - *New 5/06*
MotoEquip Face Shield Protector - *New 5/06*
FREE! Medical Information Carrier System - Great idea if you have medical conditions that need to be known! - *New 5/06*
SpeedBleeder for brakes - *New 5/06*
Accessory Power - *New 5/06*
Scorpio i500 Alarm ystem - *New 5/06*
Kryptonite NY Disc Lock - *New 5/06*
- *New 5/06*
SpeedoHealer - *New 5/06*
SpeedoHealer USA Purchase - *New 5/06*
TuneBoy - *New 5/06*
The EarPlug Super Store - *New 5/06*
Hooligan Racing Aluminum Resevoir This is not a straight bolt-on!- *New 5/06*
Stebel Nautilus Compact Dual-Tone 12-Volt Air Horn, 139 dB - *New 5/06*
SMF Cycles - *New 5/06* - Safety gear - *New 5/06*
Powerlet Power Plugs - *New 5/06*
Powerlet Products @ Derby Cycles - *New 5/06*

Kisan safety electronics - *New 5/06*
Throttlemeister Cruise Control - *New 5/06*

Contoured sheepskin Seat Covers - *New 5/06*

Baehr Motorcycle Commmunication Systems - *New 6/06*
Targa (misc stuff, a few Triumph bits) - *New 6/06*
LockItt - Motorcycle Security Products - *New 6/06*
Respro Foggy mask - *New 6/06*
Gerbing electrically heated clothes - *New 6/06*
Schampa Technical Wear - *New 6/06*
HardRacing (Ohlins US shocks, Gilles Rearsets & more) - *New 6/06*
GriotsGarage (roller drive tools) - *New 6/06*
Trident Exhausts - *New 6/06*
LowBrowCustoms (Hooligan Triumph shirts) - *New 6/06*
J&S Imports (Pro Oiler) - *New 6/06*
Tech Spec (Grip Skins for tanks) - *New 6/06*
EZ-Clip EZPass Toll Holder - *New 6/06*

Classifieds and Used Parts

Used Triumph Parts in England - *New 5/06* - *New 6/06* - *New 6/06* - *New 6/06*

General Parts Stores

CycleStoreOnline Parts - *New 5/06*
Motorcycle Buzz Parts - *New 5/06* - *New 5/06* - *New 6/06*
Dennis Kirk Regular store - *New 6/06*
Dennis Kirk Outlet store - *New 6/06*
Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse - *New 6/06* - European - *New 6/06* - *New 6/06* - *New 6/06* - *New 6/06* - *New 6/06* - *New 6/06*

Helmet Locks

The BarEnder lock for handlebars - *New 5/06*

Helmet Guardian - *New 5/06* Helmet Locking accessories - *New 5/06*

Jamie dismantled a dual helmet lock that mounted behind the license plate (Helmet Guardian) and mounted the individual helmet locks to the underside. - *New 5/06*

Helmet Guardian for $40.46 + ship - *New 5/06* Customizing locks

Tire Changing and Wheel Balancing

Marc Parnes' Triumph Wheel Balancer - *New 6/06*

The MojoLever Used in conjunction with the 2 Harbor Frieght items below and the wheel balancer above - *New 6/06*

Harbor Freight item #34542-0VGA, Portable Tire Changer - *New 6/06*

Harbor Freight item #42927-6VGA, Motorcycle Tire Changer Attachment - *New 6/06*

- *New 8/06*

- *New 8/06*

- *New 8/06*

Clothing and such

New Enough Closeout Items - *New 5/06*
Olympia Sport Menís Airglide 2 Mesh Tech Jacket & Pant - *New 5/06*
HJC CL-15 Session Helmet - *New 5/06*
Widder 'Lectric Vest review - *New 5/06*
Widder electric clothes - *New 5/06*
dragginjeans - *New 5/06*
Aerostich-Wind-Triangle - *New 5/06*
British Motorcycling (clearance Triumph apparel) - *New 5/06* - Custom Triumph T-shirts and other stuff - *New 6/06* - Lots of great Motorcyle Clothing items - *New 6/06* Waterproof Boot Comparison - *New 6/06*

Gerbing Electric Motorcycle Clothing - *New 6/06*

Widder Electric Motorcycle clothing - *New 6/06*

One season old Triumph clothing - *New 8/06*

My Clothing :-)

Olymipia AirGlide Jacket - *New 5/06*
HJC Helmet CL Series: Street Full-Face - CL-SP Animus - *New 5/06*
SIDI GT Sympatex Boots - *New 5/06*
Rev-It R59 Gloves (scroll down) - *New 5/06*
These gloves are falling apart after about 3 months and 1500 miles. Don't waste your money!
Hein Gericke Sprint Gloves - *New 6/06*

Clothing Wanted :-D

Sidi Doha boots Size 45 - *New 6/06*

Triumph Dealers in my area

Manayunk Triumph - My first exposure to Triumph and it was nice. Too bad the website only works with IE! - *New 5/06*
Chris Tymon, Sales Manager
4026 Main Street
Philadelphia, PA 19127
Fax 215-482-8086
Store Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10AM to 6PM Closed Sunday and Monday

Martin Motorsports
1486 S. Hanover St. (Route 100)
Pottstown, PA 19465
Fax 610-326-8215
Store Hours: Tuesday thru Friday 9-7
Saturday 9-4
Closed Sunday and Monday

Motorcycle Insurance

Dairyland is who I ended up with. Although I went to a local dealer, they can be found here online
GMAC My Old Ins. Co. They wanted to contract with Progressive because they didn't handle the Triumph directly.
Of all the online places I checked,(I didn't check Dairyland, tho!) they were still the cheapest. - *New 5/06*
Progressive 2nd cheapest option for me - *New 5/06*
Rider Marketplace - *New 5/06*
ridewithmcgraw - *New 5/06*
geico - *New 5/06*
cycleservices - *New 5/06*
foremost not a live quote! - *New 5/06*
Markel - *New 5/06*


PA's Motorcycle Safety Program - *New 4/06*
The Motorcycle Safety Foundation - *New 4/06*
Pop Mech Learns to Race - *New 5/06*
So how do you actually turn a motorcycle? - *New 5/06*
Mini-review of the MSF Safety class - *New 5/06*

Picture Galleries All years Sprint RS - *New 5/06*

Interesting Tidbits & Sites:

I just liked that Randy Lervold has his upgrades all listed on one page here. - *New 5/06*
He also has a cool page that talks about all the bikes he has had over the years. Nice!

Read this: Just make sure the bike you settle on has Triumph's latest engine-management mapping downloaded into its black box. (Under the #1 used bike, the Speed Triple)

Installing GenMar Risers

Installation Instrux from GenMar - *New 5/06*

Adjusting Headlights:
The manual recommends removing the cockpit, I removed the nose fairing to adjust mine. There are four adjustment screws on the back side of the headlight assembly (I think they are hex head bolts). As viewed from the rider's point of view, turn the right upper screw clockwise to move the beam to the right, turn the left upper screw anti-clockwise to move the beam to the left. There are two vertical adjustment screws near the middle of the assembly. Turn the vertical adjusters clockwise to lower the beam and of course anti-clockwise to raise the beam. Found here:

Alternative Oil Filters: (from the mailing list)
The 955 oil filter is Triumph p/n T1210200
Hi Flo HF-191 oil filter
Purolator Pure One PL14610. It's a wee bit longer than the stock one for more media and easier to get a wrench on.
Purolator Pure One PL14612 is the same filter in the stock size.
A list that cross references many motorcycle oil filters

Tips on installing LSL Sliders:
Q. Did you have to undo both sides simultaneously like the instructions say?
A. Under no circumstances take out both bolts at the same time. That could allow the engine to rotate, not good. I did not have the huge Torqx bit so I used an allen to hold the engine mounting bolt and removed the nut from the back side with a long extension and ratchet. Take a look at my mods page (there is a link on my previous post in this thread) and make sure you have the mounting pad on the right side in the proper orientation (I have a close up picture), such that the ear fits between the engine and the frame. The pad could get cocked in there and press on the engine if one isn't careful. Only took about 20 minutes but get yourself a helper for sure.
Thanks go to unummyu & TriumphRat.Net. Instructions grabbed from here

Moving the Seat Lock:
A free mod that the people with bags will love. I moved my seat lock from the left side to the rear, above the license plate. No more removing the left bag to get the seat off. I can't take credit for the idea, but it is free and worth the 30 minutes you will invest in time.
1. Remove old lock and mount
2. Make drilling template from old mount
3. Drill a 3/8" - 5/16" hole in the undertail tray in the rear left corner, drill from the inside and angle towards the left rear.
4. Disconnect the release cable at the seat lock, pull cable out, lubricate cable.
5. Drill the mounting holes according to the template, just above the license plate (I had to use a Dremel tool to enlarge the lock hole).
6. Feed the cable thru the hole in the undertail tray, reconnect to the lock mechanism.
7. Make a loop in the cable to take up the slack and bolt the lock on the fender.

Thanks go to unummyu & TriumphRat.Net. Instructions grabbed from here - *New 5/06*

Adjusting Triumph Valves (via WebBikeWorld)

Performance Data for 00 Triumph Sprint RS (used to be!) here:
Not sure when that got removed. Sometime in early May 06! Stats below.
Manufacturer Model HpTorque Quarter Mile Roll OnWet Weight Last Tested
Triumph Sprint RS ('00) 93.6 @ 925061.5 @ 5250 11.76 @ 110.4 4.77512 6/00

RS Brake Pads (taken from Google translation of above Japanese Brake Pad Reference Chart)
Front EBC VesrahFerodo Daytona CarboneLorraine RK
Sprint ST/RS 224 FA145VF343 FDB557 31613R2246 831
Rear EBC VesrahFerodo Daytona CarboneLorraine RK
Sprint RS 233 FA165VD250/2 FDB631 31613R2246 831

Cool Tip:
Q. I have a slight oil leak coming from the gear shift shaft where it enters the crank case. Has anyone had this problem before, and is the repair a do-it-yourself quickie? Maybe just a bad seal is best guess?

A. The shift shaft seal. Not to uncommon. Easy one I'm told. (haven't had to do mine......yet) Just pick the old one out being careful not to nick the case. Lube up a new one and carefully tap it into position. Done, no case splitting is necessary.
Documented here:

My Personal Upgrades

My Mods
GenMar Risers - Installed - How To(coming soon!)
Pazzo Brake & Clutch Levers - Installed - How To(coming soon!)
Ventura Light Guards - Received - How To(coming soon!)
British Reflector - Waiting - How To(coming soon!) - LOL
Triumph Centerstand - Installed - How To(coming soon!)
Triumph Carbon Fiber Tank Pad - Installed - How To(coming soon!)
Fixed Stock Seat - Pics
New Continental Road Attacks - Dealer Installed
18 Tooth Triumph Front Sprocket - Dealer Installed
New RK Gold 530 Series Chain - Dealer Installed
New Triumph Stock Rear Sprocket - Dealer Installed
New Gel Grips! - Dealer Installed
SarGent Seat! - Nice!
Corbin Seat: - So far so good!
Custom Corbin Seat that is about a half inch taller. Perfect condition. Used only about 750 miles. All black. Leather. The Corbin is a firm seat. The Corbin is wider and firmer. The shape of the Corbin does not push me forward but the sweet spot is close to the tank not back against passenger ridge.
Currently trying out a Zero Gravity Sport-Touring Screen - Better than stock - could be higher!
EBC brake pads front and rear - Great!

Mods Wanted

Installed prior to my ownership
Two Brothers racing pipe
Triumph Carbon Fiber Hugger
Triumph Carbon Fiber Heel Protector
That's it :-)

Cool Misc Sites

ridetowork the official site - *New 5/06*
Octane Information And Calculator - simply enter the Research Octane Number and the Motor Octane Number; click on Calculate and the minimum octane number, what you see at the pump, is returned - *New 5/06*
Ian Chadwick's Motorcycle Pages - *New 5/06*
triumphcomehome Rally - *New 5/06*
- *New 8/06*
- *New 8/06*

Buying a used bike

Articles Things to think about before buying a bike - Pop Mech - *New 5/06*
Used Motorcycle Evaluation Guide - *New 5/06*

Classifieds Motorcyclesellerz - Buy/Sell used bikes - *New 4/06*
Motorcycletrader - Buy/Sell used bikes - *New 4/06* - Buy/Sell used bikes - *New 5/06* - Buy/Sell used bikes - *New 5/06* - *New 5/06* - *New 5/06* - *New 5/06* sell for $1 - *New 5/06* - *New 5/06* - *New 5/06* - *New 5/06* - *New 5/06* - *New 5/06* - *New 5/06* - *New 5/06* - *New 5/06*
Long list of moto classifieds - *New 5/06*
A newly created used bike listing - *New 5/06* - How I sold my 550! - *New 5/06*

Sites to check:

Ride Team Triumph Wisconsin (Triumph genuine bits & powermax undertail for t595&955i)

CF parts from Geelon Carbon Craft Online

If you don't mind digging, you'll find a few gems

Really good batteries

Datatool, Triumph's alarm system company

StealthStreeBike, nuff said (hide from police lasers in plain view)

Turbo Connection (t595/955i turbo!)

SBF Online Shop (misc S3 parts)

TrickTape (misc bits, non-s3 specific)

Streetfighters USA (Renthal bars, lights, guages...)

Pro-Tek clip-ons

Two Brothers Racing (955 exhaust/footpeg spacer, exhausts, clip-ons)

Twisted Throttle (centerstand, bags, & other goodies)

Hooligan Racing Products (anodized billet brake fluid reservoir)

Roadracing (Aluminum parts)

Spiegler Performance Parts (lines, and all kinds of other bits)

Motostrano (ducati site but has parts that'll fit Triumph, grips, bags, etc)

Motorcycle Superstore (tires, clothing, bits)

CustomDynamics Adjure Ice Headlights (other LED bits)

Tuneboy (955 tuner, should be 1050 coming later)

Powerlet (got wired?)

Triumph-ant cycles (spare parts, motors, etc)

Sprocket Center (chains and sprockets, what else?)

Sprocket Specialsts (do you have to ask?)

High Tech Speed (supposedly have an integrated LED tail for S3)



Corsa Strada (bike coms)

NightStalker LED Lighting Kits


Cruz Tools (tool kits)

Chase Harper (luggage)

KneeDraggers (tires, sprockets, chains)

Ron Ayers (one of THE cheapest places to get tires in the USA)

SportTouringUSA (ThrottleMeister Bar-ends, oilers, and other stuff)

Starcom (bike coms)
PlanetSuperbike (Union Jack gascap decal)

Hyperbolt (nuts'n'bolts)

QuietPowerdrive (WTF?!? Belt-drive S3?!)

Carpimoto (Rizoma stuff and other)

Viosport (camera stuff)
- *New 8/06*

Last updated 8/23/06

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