I originally bought a Palm Vx way back in early 2000 and decided to gather my links in
an easily accessible place. My buddies Rob and Scott hooked me up with several of these sites, and I found a bunch on my own. I moved from the Vx to a Palm m515, but lost that sometime in 2003! (I eventually found it, and it still works like a charm!) I then moved up to a Palm Tungsten T2. Wanted a Treo 600, but my Sprint contract wouldn't allow me to take advantage of the $150 rebate until it's up for renewal (um, how stupid is that!?!), and I certainly wont to pay $600 for a cell phone/pda combo when I don't have to! I broke the screen on the T2, sent it back to Palm for repair and the battery never held a charge after that. Although I bought and installed a 3rd party battery, I'd already moved onto a Special Edition Zire 72 which I like a lot, and it still works just fine. (The m515 and the Zire are currently looking for new homes!) I have just purchased a Garmin iQue 3600
that I am just learning about. I went ahead and got the Auto bundle which included a friction mount for the car.
Hope these links help out! Enjoy!

*Update 3/06 More updates... As you can see, I'm staying on top of this site! ;-) I know I seriously need to update the look and usability of this site, but... it's just such a low priority. I have a pHp app I'm gonna use, but I just need to do it... :-D

All the links work as of today. Who knows how long that'll last. Clicking on a link will open a new window in most browsers. I swear I will one day get the links organized!

Do you do ANY online shopping? If so, be sure to check out my coupon page! Although this site hasn't been updated in years, I'm still hoping to revive it one day!!!

Official Garmin Site

Garmin iQue 3600 The official site

Prices on Garmin iQue 3600

Directly from at the MSRP of $599.00 for the Auto bundle, but why would you do that?!?! - This is where I bought my Refurb'd unit with auto bundle and 1 yr warranty for only $260 shipped! Prices Price Compares
CNET Compare Prices
Froogle Prices

Garmin Specific Software Sites

FastFinger - Many applications are difficult to use in the car, besides being quite dangerous. There are some functions on the iQue that require stylus entry. In comparison, automotive GPS units be easily navigated and controlled with simple controls. FastFinger is a launcher with macro capabilities. It allows you to control the iQue using hard button presses and large screen buttons. With two finger taps, you can route to home, find the nearest gas station, set a detour, or perform any number of functions. - *New 3/06*
Link to support threads for FastFinger - *New 3/06*

Garmin - Updates for Garmin software - *New 3/06*

Garmin iQue Waypoint converters - *New 3/06*
- 3 Different converters available:
- que2geW version 1.2 (iQue to Google-Earth waypoint converter)
- que2mpsW version 1.2 (iQue to Mapsource waypoint converter)
- que2oziW version 1.1 (iQue to Ozi-Explorer waypoint converter)

Import waypoints into the iQue - *New 3/06*
the iQue stores waypoints in the Palm address book. So the easiest way to get waypoints into the iQue is to convert them into a vCard format. Once the waypoint data has been converted into a vCard, you simply read the vCard file into the Palm Desktop and then HotSync. To read these vCard files into the Palm Desktop you can either drag and drop them onto the open address book, or you can create a file association to Palm Desktop for the vCard file format.
The linked program (Geocaching To iQue) will currently convert two types of files as follows:
1) *.loc files in the XML format as downloaded from
2) *.txt files in a tab delimited format as created from the MapSource File->Export as tab delimited menu option

IQ Booster: the utilities that Garmin forgot (Expired BETA? Still researching!) - *New 3/06*

iQue Software Page Some great looking iQue software - *New 3/06*

TimeTrial 1.3c TimeTrial is designed to simulate the start of a drag race using the "Christmas Tree" staging lights. It times a run at the ¼ mile and 1 kilometer distance. It also provides elapsed times of six different speed breaks, and will save the maximum speed reached before the Stop Button is pressed. - *New 3/06*

GPSBabel GPSBabel converts waypoints, tracks, and routes from one format to another, whether that format is a common mapping format like Delorme, Streets and Trips, or even a serial upload or download to a GPS unit such as those from Garmin and Magellan. - *New 3/06*

PalGar Use your PALM to up-, download and edit waypoints from a GARmin GPS - Note that this may or may not work on the iQue! - *New 3/06*

GPilotS GPilotS allows your PalmPilot to:
* talk to your Garmin GPS (see supported models) to send and receive waypoints, routes and tracks
* talk to map softwares to exchange waypoints, routes and tracks with them
* display and manage waypoints, routes and tracks
* create and edit waypoints and routes
* converts formats of waypoints, routes and tracks dynamically
- Note that this may or may not work on the iQue! - *New 3/06*

- *New 3/06*

Garmin iQue 3600 Reviews/FAQs/Forums

Reviews Review - *New 3/06* Review - *New 3/06* Review (?!) - *New 3/06*
Brighthand Review - *New 3/06*
ZDNet UK review - *New 3/06*
GPSInformation Review: Seems very comprehensive - *New 3/06* Review - *New 3/06* Review - *New 3/06*
PC Mag review - *New 3/06*
PalmInfoCenter Press Release - *New 3/06* review - *New 3/06*

iQue 3600 FAQ - A good amount of info here - *New 3/06*
Mobile Geographics Notes on the Garmin iQue 3600 - *New 3/06*

Garmin GPS Handhelds Forum on - *New 3/06*
BargainPDA Garmin Forums - Very active forums - *New 3/06*

Palm Software Sites

Palm Software Updates - *Revived 3/06*
Linkesoft - Home of the FREE Hack manager, X-Master (which can only be used on Palm OS 4 and earlier. They also have some other programs - *Revived 3/06*
AvantGo - Read Web pages on your Palm!
Vindigo - Get Localized Restaurant info
Symantec AntiVirus for Palm
Yahoo Mobile! Downloads
Welcome to ZDNet's Palm Downloads
Palm Boulevard - The Complete Independent Palm Pilot Info Resource Great SW
Palm Gear HQ - Software, News & Palm links
HandsHigh: Thought Manager and others
PalmSource @ PalmGear
A mix of shareware and freeware - *New 3/06*
Another mix of shareware and freeware - *New 3/06*
Vikao Vikao for Palm enables the transfer of any image or text-based information from your PC to your Palm. With this free and useful application, you can copy/paste information from any Windows application to Palm OS. - *New 3/06*
DEPReader - (Dictionary and Encyclopedia Personal Reader) - easy-to-use dictionary software for Palm OS and Pocket PC PDA devices. FREE! - *New 3/06*
Palm PDA Movie List - You need the DEPReader above - FREE! - *New 3/06*
- *New 3/06*

Palm Freeware Sites
More Palm Freeware! - *New 3/06*
Get the Adobe PDF Reader
PDRoms! - Freeware Homebrew for Palm - *Revived 3/06*

Palm Gaming

Sites Specific to gaming - also check the other site lists as they sometimes have gaming mixed in...

Mythological Games for Palm - *Revived 3/06*
FREE Gameboy Emulator for Palm! - *Revived 3/06*
Wireless-Gamer Some great old free games here - *New 3/06*
PalmGamingWorld - *Revived 3/06*
PDA Games Game reviews, etc.
LDW Your One-Stop Source for PDA gaming
Aggression (Basically - RISK! Yeah!)
Hearts Patience, Pyramid & Crazy 8's (Solitaire)
Spadelovers Spades - Best Spades game out there - *Revived 3/06*
Astraware games (like TacTic, BigMoney, Atomica, Bookworm, Rooks Revenge, Abysma, Alchemy, Bejewled, Insaniquarium)
Midway Arcade Classics (Spy Hunter, Joust, Defender II, Sinistar, and Root Beer Tapper)
Galax (Galaxian)- Now shareware?!
Invaders - (Space Invaders)

Palm Emulators

Emulators Only

PalmMAME: Holy Crap! Finally!- *New 3/06*
Installing PalmMAME - Read this! Here's a nice little write up from some guy to help novices install and setup PalmMAME - *New 3/06*
UDMH: You will need this if you want to run PalmMAME on a Garmin or other, older Palm ARM device
LittleJohnPalm: Freeware(!) Multi Console Emulator - Main site down, but you can get it here for now - *New 3/06*
- Currently emulating:
--- Atari: VCS, Video Computer System, Atari 2600
--- Bandai: WonderSwan
--- NEC: TG16, Turbo-Grafx/PC
--- Nintendo: NES, Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom
--- Nintendo: SNES, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, SuperFamicom
--- Nintendo: Gameboy, Gameboy Color
--- Sega: Genesis, Megadrive, Megadrive ||
--- Sega: MasterSystem, MasterSystem ||
--- Sega: GameGear
--- SNK: Neo Geo Pocket
LittleJohnPalm Discussion Board - Be sure to read here first! *New 3/06*
LittleJohnPalm: Archived 0.9x versions here - *New 3/06* - *New 3/06* review of several Palm Emulators - *New 3/06*
Multiple Emulators Not Free - *New 3/06*
- NesEm - The Ulimate NES Emulator for PalmOS 5.x Devices.
- Dream Engine - A PCEngine (TurboGrafx-16, in the United States) emulator.
- Gizmo Ultra - SMS and Game Gear emulator for PalmOS 5.x Devices.
-- Plays almost every SMS and GG game.
- Gizmo - The Ultimate Game Gear Emulator for PalmOS 5.x Devices.
-- Runs almost every Game Gear game.
- GBulator - The Ultimate GameBoy COLOR Emulator for PalmOS 5.x Devices.
Atari 2600 Em - *New 3/06*
Liberty Game Boy Emulator - *New 3/06*
More Palm Games, including a GB, GBC & GBA Emulator (FireStorm) - *New 3/06*
XCade (Prior to MAME, as close to MAME on a Palm as you could get!)

Palm/Garmin Hardware/Accessories Sites

Gilsson Tech - Cases, Antennas - *New 3/06*
Arkon Resources, Inc. The leading manufacturer of Universal Car Mounts for Palm Computers.
Mobile Tech Reviews

Garmin Hardware/Accessories I have - Links coming soon!

Garmin Antenna - *New 3/06*
Krusell Leather Case - *New 3/06*
Extra stylii - *New 3/06*

Palm Travel

Visual IT - *New 3/06*
Rough Guide City Maps: a series of fantastic interactive city maps, produced in conjunction with the premier travel publisher Rough Guides.
Tube... Interactive subway maps & guides with superb maps, quickest route finder and animated display. Many come with detailed city street maps. London versions available with integrated A-Z maps.

MyPalmLife quick review of the Rough Guide City Maps - *New 3/06*
Metro - *New 3/06*
Public Transport Navigator for more than 250 cities around the world. Available in 32 languages. Free, Fast & Accurate
CurrencySimple: A simple currency converter - *New 3/06*
Glovebox Guide to Philadelphia, PA Info on hotels, restaurants, sites, and shopping - *New 3/06*
Currency 3.2 This converter program (which supports 174 currencies) is a necessity for the financial Palm user. It is updated daily to show current rates published by the Central European Bank. - *New 3/06*
Best 100 City Guide - PARIS 03.01 This Paris city guide includes the best 100 addresses in Paris: the top restaurants, hotels, entertainment and shopping by Elegant-Lifestyle - *New 3/06*
The Travel section - currently 567 titles! Sorted so freeware shows up first! - *New 3/06*

Palm related(info, sw and/or hw) Sites not yet categorized

MyPalmLife - *New 3/06*
Computing Unplugged Magazine
PDA Live! Where your Palm comes alive.
Palm Webring Links to 230+ Palm related websites!
Handango! - The largest handheld marketplace on the Internet
LandWare, Inc. - PocketQuicken & other solutions for handheld devices. - Hardware - Handhelds
Palm Software & Hacks
Josh - Palm Info
SCUBA Resources for the PalmPilot The name says it all!
Tim Charron's Palm Pages
PDA Buzz
BlueFang & GrafAuto
Brighthand Nothing but handhelds
DeskPilot DeskPilot lets you view your PalmPilot data on your Windows95 or NT PC. - *Revived 3/06*
PDA Verticals The Handheld HQ for Mobile Professionals - *Revived 3/06*
Code Jedi - A Good proj mgmt program, XCADE, and arcade emulator, and some other random free programs, including a colecovision emulator! - *New 3/06*
Sol Free
Palm OS Hardware for Navigation - *New 3/06*
Navigation and the Palm OS - *New 3/06*
Memoware Free Ebook Titles for your PDA! - *New 3/06*
iSolo is a highly versatile document reader available for Palm OS®, Pocket PC, and Windows® CE Handheld PC handhelds, as well as for Windows® computers. You can find thousands of ready-made documents downloadable immediately for reading with iSilo or you can create your own documents from HTML content using iSiloX - *New 3/06*
iSiloX is the desktop application that converts content to the iSilo 3.x/4.x document format, enabling you to carry that content on your Palm OS® PDA, Pocket PC PDA, Windows® CE Handheld PC, or Windows® computer for viewing using iSilo. - *New 3/06*

Palm News

PDA Buzz - *Revived 3/06*

Palm Tech/Support

How to start clean with a new Palm handheld Great article as long as you are staying with a Palm product. Unfotunately for me, it didn't help me move from the Zire 72 to the Garmin. I had to export and import all the files. Note - when doing that, create your Categories first! - *New 3/06*
Replacement Battery - Zire 71 battery in Garmin ique 3600 - *New 3/06*
- *New 3/06*

Palm Training


Map Servers

I'm not sure how I'm going to use these just yet, if at all. But since I would be using them with the Garmin, I thought I'd keep them with this.

MapServer is an Open Source development environment for building spatially-enabled internet applications. MapServer is not a full-featured GIS system, nor does it aspire to be. Instead, MapServer excels at rendering spatial data (maps, images, and vector data) for the web. - *New 3/06*
deegree The Free Software project deegree offers the substantial building blocks for the building of a Spatial Data Infrastructure by implementing the standards of the Open GIS Consortium (OGC) and ISO/TC 211. As the whole architecture of deegree is based on OGC specifications and concepts, there are no problems to integrate standardized products of other vendors (e.g. ArcIMS by ESRI(c)). - *New 3/06*
ArcIMS is the solution for delivering dynamic maps and GIS data and services via the Web. - *New 3/06*
OGC WMS Server List - *New 3/06*

The software I use on my Palm (current.. this changes often ;-) - This is a small sampling. Needs to be updated with everything 3/06!

Pocket Quicken 2.5
AvantGo - read web sites on your palm!
Handy Shopper 2.9c - Great program. Keeps track of all shopping purchases.
Documents To Go 7 - Sync MS Office files from your desktop
HanDBase Pro 3.5 - GREAT Database program and lots of free DB's to use!
Hearts Patience, Pyramid & Crazy 8's (Solitaire)
Rally 1000 Ver 4.2 - Can't find a current link!
Spadelovers Spades - Best Spades game out there - *Revived 3/06*
Taipan - That's right.. the old Apple II trading game! Awesome!!!!! - *Revived 3/06*
A bunch of Astraware games (like TacTic, BigMoney, Atomica, Bookworm, Rooks Revenge, Abysma, Alchemy, Bejewled, Insaniquarium)
Midway Arcade Classics (Spy Hunter, Joust, Defender II, Sinistar, and Root Beer Tapper)
Shadow Plan
XCade (as close to MAME on a Palm as you can currently get!)

Games I want!

Aggression (Basically - RISK! Yeah!)

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